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Our customers are from all walks of life.  Doctors, lawyers, farmers, ranchers, small business owners, real estate investors, contractors and homeowners have all

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A new structure or roof system is a major investment.  We understand your concerns and apprehension.  There are many decisions that will have to be made.  The

first one you make will determine the ultimate success of your project:  Selecting a contractor and supplier. With HACKETT’S Custom Siding & Metal Roofs,

you get both.  Our crew have the experience and knowledge to construct the most complex of projects. We encourage you explore our website, then come by and

let's visit.  We will listen to your goals and layout a plan together.  We are confident that you will soon discover, what our many happy clients have found out, that

HACKETT’S Custom Siding & Metal Roofs is a trustworthy partner who has your best interest in mind.  We don't promise to always have the lowest prices, although

our goal is to provide you with the best materials and craftsmanship we can possibly provide.  You can count on us.  We are here to serve you, our valued customer.



Investing in a metal roof is a wise decision.  The benefits offered by today's metal roofing systems is far and above other systems.  Let's compare the typical conventional shingle system to a metal roofing system:

Conventional shingles absorb heat, creating high temperatures in the higher points of your home during the summer months, which forces your cooling system to
work harder to keep the conditioned space below comfortable.  We all understand what this means:  higher energy usage creates higher energy bills.

The industry term is "Cool Metal Roofing".  

What is Cool Metal Roofing?   
The term cool roofing refers to the ability to minimize heat gain through the roof surface. It can be described by two terms: solar reflectance and thermal emittance. The combination of those properties determines the surface temperature of a roof and its ability to act cool. Metal roofing has a wide range of solar reflectance and thermal emittance values, making it the most versatile and energy efficient choice for roofing in many different climates and applications.

How can Cool Metal Roofing affect my energy usage?
Cool roofing owners have reported annual energy savings up to 40%. Metal roofing solar reflectance and thermal emittance capabilities can reduce air conditioning and heating costs, which reduce the smog and pollution that are created by the production of that energy. Some insurance companies offer discounts to customers for using a qualified metal roof.

Environmentally Friendly
Metal roofing’s durability can virtually eliminate the need to use future raw materials to produce roofing. It is practically unaffected by weather cycles and forces.  Most metal roofs have recycled content ranging from 25% to 95%. Conventional roofing shingles have much shorter lives and use oil-based products as their primary raw material. Metal also has the added benefit of being 100% recyclable if it is ever removed.

Metal roofing, from
HACKETT’S Custom Siding & Metal Roofs, is available with a limited 40-year paint finish warranty, which lasts 2-3 times longer than traditional asphalt shingles.  1 Year workmanship warranty.

Our metal roofing solutions are attractive and available in a variety of colors, styles and warranties to fit your needs. 
Contact us today to discuss the specific requirements of your project.

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